Beatriz Wallace

Beatriz Wallace

Developer. | Researcher. | Artist.

Durham, North Carolina

Beatriz Wallace

Developer. Researcher. Artist.


Visual Design and Image Management
Quantitative Research

Profesional Profile

I'm an MFA student and Digital Humanities Assistant at the Franklin Humanities Institute at Duke University. I study art, data visualization and computer science. I like anatomical illustrations from the 16th century and hanging out in libraries. I like solving problems, calculus and sunshine.

I take pleasure seriously


English and Photography

I studied non-fiction writing and Romantic Poetry. I was a breastroker.

Amherst College

2000 - 2004

Visual Studies

I received an MA in Photojournalism.

University of Missouri - Columbia

2005 - 2007


Front-end developer / visual designer

I work with researchers at the Duke University Franklin Humanities Institute to visualize and publish information for a global audience.

Duke University

August - Present

Visiting Professor

I worked as a full-time professor in the Journalism and Multimedia Arts Department.

Duquesne University

2012 - 2014

I am currently immersed in Discrete Math, JavaScript, Philosophy and Drupal customization.

I thrive in creative environments structured by measurable goals.

Digital Storytelling as a Trauma Narrative Intervention for Children Exposed to Domestic Violence (Chapter 8)

Video and Filmmaking as Psychotherapy: Research and Practice Edited by Joshua L. Cohen and J. Lauren Johnson

Publication available for pre-order, releases February 25th, 2015

"This chapter presents digital storytelling (DS) as a trauma narrative intervention, in the context of trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy, for children exposed to domestic violence who received mental health services at a rural domestic violence agency. In this work, we sought to better understand the individual and collective benefits of the various elements of DS (i.e., digital images, text, audio narration, and music). In doing so, we provide mental health clinicians with practical information on narrative development to use in their own practices. Our project findings indicated that DS is a powerful tool to help children process their traumatic experiences."

How to Use Blended Learning to Get Over Not Knowing: PBS MediaShift

Published August 26, 2014

"When I was a junior at Amherst College I went to a lecture by alumnus and photographer Steve Schapiro who prolifically documented the civil rights movement. Schapiro was 69 years old when he spoke to us. He said that we should practice one thing really well: accepting change. Change. Change. Change..."

Zacuto Young Filmmaker Series

Series of 5 essays commisioned by Zacuto

And I don’t just mean know. I mean this: Turn it on as loud as you can get it. Then get down on the floor and jam your ear as close into the loudspeakers as you can get it and stay there, breathing as lightly as possible, and not moving and neither eating nor smoking nor drinking. Concentrate everything you can into your hearing and into your body. You won’t hear it nicely. If it hurts you, be glad of it. As near as you will ever get, you are inside the music; not only inside it, you are it; your body is no longer your shape and substance, it is the shape and substance of the music. James Agee said this of Beethoven in 1939 in his classic Let Us Now Praise Famous Men. The same could be said of these five storytellers...

These things inspire me

Visual Explanations by Edward Tufte

"Assessments of change, dynamics, and cause and effect are at the heart of thinking and explanation. To understand is to know what cause provokes what effect, by what means, at what rate. How then is such knowledge to be represented?"

Grace Hartigan: A Painter's World

"I do not wish to describe my subject matter, or reflect upon it - I want to distill it until I have its essence. Then the rawness must be resolved into form and unity; without the 'rage for order' how can there be art?"

Joseph Cornell: Master of Dreams

"Cornell's deeply reverential attitude toward the universe as a mirror of mysterious truths is conveyed in each and every one of his box constructions. The distillation of all of these interests into the spare but poetic fantasy of his boxes transformed the box construction into a realm of both precise and enigmatic existence."

The Mathematics of Logic by Richard Kaye

"The principal feature of logic is that it should be about reasoning or deduction, and should attempt to provide rules for valid inferences."

Animations of Chris Sullivan: Aint Misbehavin (1980)

"A solitary mans mind, becomes a battlefield of overlapping images and voices. As he spends the day in his house doing an assortment of domestic jobs: cooking, eating, reading, writing, and bathing, images of war and death enter the man's mind."

Harold and Maude

Played loudly on winter Sundays before the sun sets.

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I also like Joni Mitchell and home cooked meals.