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I teach storytelling in the summers at the University of Missouri and I am a full-time Visiting Professor at Duquesne University. In our classes we cover visual and audio theory, ethics, technology, photography DSLR film, writing, HTML and CSS, WordPress, writing and publication. We share information on Facebook pages, Twitter and Instagram. Students tap into their passion for storytelling. You can read more about my teaching philosophy on this guest blog for MediaStormmy young filmmakers review and my industry analysis for Zacuto. If you are looking for information about DSLR filmmaking, coding, visual theory, tutorials and other helpful links, check out my Resources page.

Bennett Solowski spent a weekend with Monte, a DJ/Producer who lives in Fort Greene, Brooklyn.

Rice on the Road is a collaborative community conversation facilitated by the Center for Catholic Intellectual Tradition at Duquesne University. This project is a celebration of the first in a series of community events in Pittsburgh. Video, production and editing by Alyssa Kramer, Ali Radich and Sara Speedy.

Banned Books from Clara on Vimeo.

Banned Books is a final project that students Laura Lowe and Clara Martin created in the Introduction to Multiplatform Reporting class.  This project explores the history of banned books through interviews with students and professors at Duquesne University.

Duquesne University graduate student Anastasia Farmerie produced this video as a project for her summer internship. This video is a great example of how public relations and multimedia production work well together.

Two Worlds In One Soul from Angelica Rodriguez on Vimeo.

Freshman Angelica Rodriquez produced this video about Duquesne University soccer player Paola Bayona for her final project in our Introduction to Multiplatform Reporting.

Anastasia Farmerie produced this video as part of the Duquesne University Journalism and Multimedia Arts series, Off the Bluff. This video is a portrait of a flower vendor in the Strip District in Pittsburgh, PA.

Graduate student Lauren Kolber documented the story of Whiskey Wigle, a three generational family that operates a whiskey production and distribution company in Pittsburgh, PA.

Duquesne University junior Marissa Kozak spent time with a student ballerina. Her black and white video and photographs celebrate the dimension of dance, urban photography and art.

Duquesne University junior Randall Coleman produced a multimedia video to illustrate the powerful words of a spoken word poet in Pittsburgh, PA.

Graduate student Alyssa Kramer documented the aspirations and struggles of business owners in McKeesport, PA.

Duquesne University junior Katie Blackley explores the complicated and joyful art of teaching in this video about her mom.

Duquesne University senior Trenita Finney created this video to summarize our journey as a multimedia class… SO meta, SO fun!

Bennett Solowski documented the Bluffalo, New York tradition, Dyngus Day.

Duquesne University student Randall Coleman produced this video about a Habitat for Humanities Spring Break trip. Be sure to watch through to the very end for the epic Harlem Shake closer!

University of Missouri – Columbia School of Journalism

I teach Multimedia Journalism at the University of Missouri – Columbia during the Summer Semester. In these multimedia courses we cover visual and audio theory, ethics, and which platform works best with each story. This may include one of the various multimedia platforms. We learn the optimum use of each medium for communicating a message. We covered the basic hardware and software for visual reporting including photography, audio, video, budgeting, script writing, and mobile reporting.

For more information on Convergence Journalism at the University of Missouri, please visit the Reynolds Journalism Institute in Columbia, MO.

Cooper’s Landing: This series of stories about Cooper’s Landing was filmed, photographed, recorded and edited by Beatriz Costa-Lima, Marshall Maxwell and Jack Howard. The three of us are journalism students at the University of Missouri.

Missouri Rodeo: The Missouri High School State Rodeo Championships took place here in Columbia, Mo at the Boone County Fairgrounds on June 14-16.  Over two hundred student-athletes from all over the state competed in bareback riding, saddle bronc, breakaway roping, calf roping, goat tying, steer wrestling, pole bending, team roping, barrel racing, and bull riding.

Hair Salon: This is a story about a hair salon in Columbia, MO.

Stay Healthy Columbia: Staying healthy can be tough on a budget and in the heat of Mid-Missouri. We have compiled a variety of ways for residents to stay fit, cool and happy this summer.  We will take you through a day in the life of a healthy Columbian.

The Blue Note: The Blue Note is a music venue on 9th street and Broadway in downtown Columbia, Mo. It was established in 1980 by Richard King and Phil Costello. For over the past 30 years, The Blue Note has been the home and heart of  live music in downtown Columbia.

Breaking Bread: Food is something with which every person connects. Family recipes are handed down through generations. Restaurants link alumnus to fond memories of their college days. Comfort foods can make even the worst days better. Food offers people a way to recall memories and reconnect to their families and culture, but it also offers a springboard into a new culture.

J2150 in FocusJ2150 in focus is a multimedia project seeking to examine the efforts of other student participating in The University of Missouri’s Journalism 2150 class, which instructs students in the skills of multimedia journalism. Students are expected to produce photography, audio, video and basic web design.

Summer Welcome: Throughout this course, we have followed the Summer Welcome orientation program at the University of Missouri.  Summer Welcome is something unique to Mizzou. It’s a program each incoming freshman must go through to  familiarize themselves with the university. On this website, you will find stories and information relevant to incoming and transfer students, parents, the Summer Welcome leaders and how to get involved at Mizzou. We hope this website gives you the information you need about Summer Welcome.

By Alicia Caruso on Vimeo

By Elle Hoffman on Vimeo.

By Shelby Feistner on Vimeo.

By Matt Mazick on Vimeo.